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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Photo Diary: Weekly Roundup

This past week has been quite exciting, and I have took quite a few pictures so I thought why not share it with you guys. Apart from the usual of being in University in the afternoons and working at the weekend, I did quite a few fun things!

On Monday, myself and Lawrence went to Kenyon Hall Farm in Warrington. Which is around a twenty minute drive from Manchester. Every year the farm holds a Pumpkin festival which opens the pumpkin picking fields, where you go round the farm and pick the pumpkins you fancy! You then weigh all your picks and pay for them! Easy. We had a walk around, looking for our perfect pumpkin, in which I had the COMPLETE wrong shoes on for. (I sank in to the mud with every step.) 

It felt all so Autumny and cosy whilst walking around the different picking fields, and actually can't wait to go back in Spring/Summer for the berries. But for now, we have our pumpkins to carve. (I have actually never carved a pumpkin, so wish me luck!)

On Wednesday, myself and Ayesha went to Manchester Art Museum. Fashion and Freedom and 100 years of Vogue are the two fashion-based exhibitions on at the moment, and is totally free so very much worth a visit.

 In the Fashion and Freedom exhibition, there was a display of interpretations of fashion at the time, made by fashion students and designers. It was really interesting to see the development behind each piece of clothing and the history behind it is fascinating.

My personal favourite which I was drawn to the most was a piece by Fashion student, Revekka Georgiadou. (Far right) I was attracted from across the room by the metallic skirt (I am like a magpie at the moment!) but when I got closer I could see the detail and consideration that had gone in to her work. Revekka's researched in to women in the First World War, and her design represents the workers who were nicknamed the 'munitionettes' and 'canaries' because of the chemical exposure they suffered while handling explosives discoloured the skin. The whole design, colours and material is a symbol and the contribution to the war effort. You can get more information on her work here.

Looking around the Vogue 100 was such a special experience. The exhibition was set across various rooms in a timeline effect. It was amazing to see the first ever issue of Vogue, (which was hardback!) compared to the recent issues. Through the move of technology and social media, the style of the cover of the magazine may have changed by fashion is always a expanding but repetitive industry. The images on the walls and in old issues of Vogue you see fashion adjust but yet always come back around. Speaking of the fashion industry, I had the pleasure to see Vivienne Westwood on Thursday night as she did a talk on her new book, Get a Life. 

Her new book is aimed to tackle climate change and the little things we can do personally to contribute to help the world. She also explained how her research in to the world and environment show in her work. Even though, I would have liked to hear more on the fashion side of her career, the talk was an eye opening experience to the seriousness of climate change. Vivienne was passionate and a great story teller and had amazzzzing huge heels on! (Not bad for 75!)

So! My jam packed week of amazing things! Myself and Lawrence are off to see The Lumineers tonight in Manchester, which is also very exciting! Please let me know what you have been up to this week?!

Rach x


  1. Kenyon Hall is so awesome! I went to Fashion & Freedom & Vogue 100 earlier this year, both exhibitions were incredible! Looks like you had a fab week :)

    Y x | The Sweet Seven Five

  2. These pictures are amazing! And I love the climate- thing! I love Your blog and these amazingly important things You have an ability to share. I just love it!!
    (I still can't. The pictures!!!!!)
    Love, Roosi


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