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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

48 Hours in Geneva

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? Even though January is almost over? Where has time gone?! So, Happy New Year!

I was very lucky and spent my 23rd birthday in Switzerland, Geneva! When I was younger and thought about myself being in my twenties, I expected myself mature, tall, with really long hair who wears heels and a nice suit every day to work. (Young me was pretty far off) 

Geneva is a beautiful city, a very cold but beautiful city. The little weekend away was a really nice break and just the right amount of time to explore the city. The airport is only a 10 minute journey in to the centre of Geneva, which was really convenient and no time wasted to get out and explore the city. Also, there is free public transport for tourist, which is also amazing!

We stayed in a affordable but really nice hotel called Art Hotel Windsor. At first I was a little scared as Lawrence mentioned to me that it was a hotel on the red light district of Geneva. After reading scary reviews, being their ourselves we realised it was not a problem to us, and just made better people watching time. 

The streets were full of beautiful buildings, cafes and restaurants and plenty of chocolate shops! Even though we only stayed for two nights, this was more than enough time to see the sights we wanted to see. Food and drink were a little more expensive than we first thought, so worked out in our favour that we went for a short amount of time.

One of my favourite tourist point in Geneva was the St. Pierre Cathedral. (5 CHF) After what felt like climbing 90,000 steps we finally reached the top to experience amazing views of snowwy rooftops and the alps! 

Another one of my favourite places was Muller's Factory. We had the best Crepes we had ever tasted (I want another one now) If you ever visit Geneva, I more than recommend this for the best deserts! 

Even though we had such a lovely time in Geneva, we said that we probably would not visit again. We are very happy we had the opportunity to visit such an amazing city, but after seeing the sights and exploring the town, we felt that there was not quite enough to come back for. I love visiting Europe and really hope to visit more Cities and Countries around Europe this year! 

My top 3 tips for visiting Geneva: 

1. Don't let scary trip advisor reviews put you off; most people like to complain. 
2. If going for 2/3 days, take around 300 Swiss Francs (£1=0.80CHF) 
3. If going in Winter, LAYER UP! It is very. very cold! 

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