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Saturday, 24 June 2017

A Mini Guide: The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast has always been high on my list of places to visit and after searching some dreamy holiday destinations, myself and Lawrence decided on Italy. Positano seems to be all over Instagram at the moment, and after searching the surrounding towns around it, it seemed like the perfect destination for a week break.

We stayed in the town of Sorrento, in Grande Hotel Parco Del Sole, which was a 20-minute walk or a quick shuttle bus into the centre of Sorrento. The hotel grounds were beautiful, with a giant fountain on the drive way, it made it feel really special. We had plans to have day trips to the other towns and Islands surrounding Sorrento. With a tight schedule, we decided to visit Capri, Positano, Pompeii and Naples. There is a vast amount of public transport to the surrounding towns, but I would definitely recommend the ferries, the buses seem to get very busy and are hard to find your way back to the bus stop after a day of exploring. When you get off the ferry, it is easier to find your way back to the port, and the experience is also a lot better.

I am going to break down each town visited and the restaurants we ate at in each town. For myself and Lawrence, we always look forward to the food the most!


Positano was 100% my favourite place we visited on our trip. With every corner turned, or flight of steps climbed (trust me, there are a lot of steps!) the views wowed us each and every time. Feeling like the ultimate tourist and taking a picture of the beautiful views wherever we walked. My favourite thing about Positano was the cliffsides, with beautiful pastel coloured hotels and houses dotted up them, I could have sat and stared at them for days!

The beach was very busy, and we were a little disappointed at the prices of the sunloungers, so we opted to sit on our towels instead by the sea. We then visited a restaurant I had seen a lot of reviews and blogs about, which was Chez Black. We shared a Margarita pizza here and it was delicious and it was really good people watching spot!


Capri was the busiest place we visited and I don’t really have a restaurant to recommend as it all felt a bit too touristy and rushed. I don’t know about you but myself and Lawrence really dislike when waiters try and coax you in and mither you to sit down when you just want to look at the menu, and I felt like there was a lot of that here. We eventually decided on somewhere and had a toastie, which was quite overpriced and sadly not too great, but the location by the port was a plus. We got the cable cars to the top of the hills to Anacapri, and this was my favourite bit of the town by far. We got gelato and then stumbled on a really cute little lemonade stand, after reading how famous the Amalfi coast is for its lemons, we had to get one. We got a mixed orange and lemon slush and oh my god! It was amazing.

Whilst in Capri, we went on the blue grotto boat tour. We went to the different caves and cliffs and the views were beautiful. I had literally never seen sea so blue! On the boat ride around we saw lots of little restaurants by the sea, in which you would have to get a boat over to, if I ever went back, this is definitely something I would do!  

Pompeii and Naples: 

Visiting Pompeii was recommended by anyone who had been to the Amalfi Coast before, so we decided to visit! I’m sure you know the story of Pompeii and the devastation it caused, we walked around the remains and looked in still decorated old houses and shops. It was a good experience to explore around the town and I would recommend going there if you have a free day to explore the sight! We spent around an hour walking around the grounds and we didn’t get a tour guide, just listened to other people’s instead!

We got the train to Naples from Sorrento, which took around an hour and a half. We then explored the town but unfortunately, Naples wasn’t for us. We just didn’t enjoy it as much as Positano or Capri. We had an explore and searched and searched for a deep fried pizza place, as we had read this is the must try when you visit Naples. We eventually found a very busy little stall, and weren’t disappointed by the pizza! I had a ham and tomato filled one, and you get to watch them cook it on a screen, and they are a lot bigger than I thought they would be!


Sorrento is one beautiful town! I loved the streets of little tourist shops and restaurants. The bathing decks and views of Mount Vesuvius across the sea was amazing. We loved exploring the town but our favourite thing about it was the ice cream. Every day, without fail we went to Raki, where they do the most amazing gelato and a huge variety of flavours. I usually went for a milk chocolate and salted caramel. When we got home we were sad that we didn’t have our daily trip to Raki’s and was craving ice cream for breakfast!

We were recommended a restaurant by my friend Amy, who had recently travelled Italy. She recommended RE: Food, which was in the centre of Sorrento down one of the little side streets. I loved the décor and atmosphere in this restaurant and the service and food were really good! Lawrence had a meal of three smaller dishes in one, so a mini lasagna, cannelloni and gnocchi, which I was really jealous of! I really loved this restaurant and the staff were so friendly and as our waiter said when we said no to a bottle of water, “Wine is for drinking, water is for showering!”

Before our daily ice cream, we went to the same restaurant for breakfast every morning we loved it that much. This was called Puro and was a little café type place in the centre of Sorrento. Every day we had a coffee, a tiny bagel and shared a yoghurt. We looked forward to it every morning so just proves how much we enjoyed it! Inside were huge swings and little wooden tables, we sat outside each day, as we love to people watch! The effort that goes into the presentation of the food and drinks there is amazing and was our favourite place for breakfast each day! (Even though we were all inclusive back at the hotel!)

Sorry to keep banging on about restaurants, but it is literally our favourite thing to do when we are away. We ate at an amazing restaurant by the harbour, which we struggled to find for ages as google maps kept telling us we had arrived! Ristorante Bagni Delfino was a beautiful restaurant which outside seating area was a pier into the sea. The staff were amazing and really attentive. I had chicken and the portions were huge and the Aperol spritz was lovely too. I can’t recommend this place enough; I would even go as far to say it was one of the best meals I have ever had. The atmosphere from the live music from the harbour made it even more special too.

I would really recommend a week in Sorrento or Positano and visit the surrounding towns. It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to go back here in the future and maybe see some more of the Islands around there! (And have even more gelato)

Rach X

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