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Saturday, 10 June 2017

Girls Holiday: Madeira

I feel as though I have neglected my blog over the past few months. I have now finished my last exam at university and waiting for my results, which I will receive at the end of June, eek! It’s pouring down outside (shock, rainy Manchester) and I am all cosy of my sofa thinking about how just three days ago, I was away with two of my best friends in sunny Madeira.

After trying to plan a holiday since last year, and searching hundreds of destinations, we finally decided on Madeira, when we were very hungover one afternoon, we took the plunge and finally booked a getaway!

Madeira is one lovely place, (a lovely place which is in love with Ronaldo) we stayed in the Terrace Mar Hotel, a newly renovated hotel around 20 minutes from the center of Funchal. The hotel was lovely and the size of the wardrobe for three girls was very pleasing! We had a few ideas in minds of things to do, such as the cable cars and toboggan rides, but the rest was just to unwind and relax in the sun.

One of my favourite days was a boat trip to spot dolphins. After getting absolutely soaked as we sat on nets at the front of the boat, it was amazing to see the landscape of Madeira from the sea. The cable cars were also an amazing experience, which I would 100% recommend if you are planning on visiting Madeira. The views on the way up are beautiful and the ride is surprisingly relaxing. When we reached the top, we went to a cute little café and I had a delicious chocolate cappuccino, which I managed to get all down my t-shirt. From the top, we then got a toboggan back down the hill, which is something we planned prior to getting here. The experience was hilarious but you do have to get out half way down the hill, which means having to walk the rest, but I suppose it’s better than having to walk back up!

We are a group that really enjoy our food. Our favourite restaurant was hands down Leeno’s. We booked to go here the first night and then tried to go again later in the week but unfortunately didn’t have room for us. The food and service were so amazing. We all had a steak which was brought out raw with a hot stone, so you can then cook them yourselves to your perfect colour. The food was dreamy and really good value for money.

Madeira is a pretty place to visit, it has lots of beautiful sights to see, but lots of hills to climb! I couldn't have asked for two better girls to go with either! Lots of ice cream, laughing and Fanta lemon hunting. But, I don’t need to get holiday blues, as I am off again in ten days! To beautiful Italy with my boyfriend, and I can’t wait to soak up some more sun! 

Let me know if you have any holidays planned this Summer! Would love to know where people are planning to see? 

Rach X

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