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Friday, 25 August 2017

The Great Outdoors

This exact time last year, myself and Lawrence drove over to France and camped in various places around the country. This year, we decided we wanted to visit in France again, but this time stay in the same place, as driving around the whole of France in just two weeks got a little bit tiring.

It didn’t take much thought that we wanted to visit Brittany again, and the first place that came to our minds was Saint-Malo. It was one of our favourite towns we visited last year and stuck in our minds when we first started thinking about France again.

After a nightmare journey to actually get to the Eurotunnel (in England!) we eventually arrived in Calais and then drove a 5 hour drive down to Saint-Malo to our campsite, Camping Castle Galinée. This campsite came up with really good reviews online, so we were really excited to get there and look around. We weren’t disappointed as the grounds were beautiful, with lots of amenities, a shop, restaurant, pool etc. We popped up our little tent on our HUGE pitch and made ourselves right at home.

This campsite is one of the nicest we have ever stayed in, we had a quiet spot and we were literally, in the middle of nowhere. We had no phone signal at all and felt really cut off from the world, in a good way. It was nice to get away and not be glued to Instagram all the time. It was a nice break and a nice break from the internet.

The one thing we were excited to go back to Saint-Malo was CREPES! Last year we had really tasty ones, and couldn’t wait to get back again, which did not disappoint! This year we went to a creprie we hadn’t tried before, which was called Bergamote. It was the homeliest place we have ever ate, which usually isn’t our thing, but we loved it! We had a chocolate and cream crepe each, and I had a hot chocolate (which I spilt down myself – shock) I was well and truly chocolated out, but it was worth it! It was definitely one of the best crepes I have ever had and cannot recommend this place enough!

Another place we ate, which we just stumbled across whilst we were having a roam around the streets was Cargo Culte. (which we found out was number 1 on trip advisor when we returned home) The restaurant was really small and cosy, with décor to make the place look like a charity shop, with vintage lights, teacups and wallpaper mixed with modern lighting really made this place stand out. Our waiter was amazing, who translated the whole menu and recommended dishes to us, which we really appreciated. He was so helpful to every single table and made our experience really nice there. We went for the beef and camembert and a selection of breads, which had pesto, salmon, chives and other bits on them. We had never ever tried camembert before but we are now huge lovers of it! We have had it twice since we have arrived home now and every time we just think of France.

I really loved spending time by our campsite, I loved the atmosphere and just being outside. I read a really good book whilst I was away (whilst Lawrence read Game of Thrones…) called The Couple Next Door. I literally couldn’t put it down and it is sad that I would want to go back to our campsite, just so I could carry on reading!

The thing I loved most was our barbeques. Nothing says summer without a good barbeque. We went to a local farm and bought out vegetables to make skewers with, which was a really cute experience to go to a local farm.

We had a couple of drives out to towns nearby. We visited Dinard, which was a cute little town opposite to Saint-Malo. We also visited Rennes, which is considered as the capital of the region of Brittany. I adored the buildings in Rennes as they looked very old and uneven, and every building was different.

My favourite trip out was to visit Mont Saint Michael. This place is one amazingly beautiful place to visit and literally looks like something from a Disney film! You park up your car and then get a free shuffle up to the Mont. It was surreal to see Mont Saint Michael in life and it was a beautiful, but tiring walk around it. The old fashioned winding streets were beautiful, but extremely busy.

So now I have been home a week, I am really missing our little French campsite, and the goats that I saw every morning on the way out. I absolutely adore exploring France and cannot wait to get back next year, but next time with a bigger tent!


  1. Great post! It looks like you had a really nice time. I love quiet holidays like this too. Gemma x

  2. These photos are great! Sounds like you had a fab time x

  3. Thanks for reading my blog Rachel :-) I've never camped abroad but looks like you had a great time. I've always wanted to visit Mont Saint-Michel x


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